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Oakfield Junior

Oakfield Junior

Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality are vitally important if your child is to make the most of the educational opportunities we offer.  If he/she is unwell and cannot come to school, please telephone the school before 8.30am and leave a message. Please let us know for each day they are absent.  We also need a note or email when they return to school to let us know in writing why they were off, to comply with legislation which is monitored by our Education Welfare Officer.  Please use our email:

School times:  

Registration                  8:45am  -   8:55am

Break                               10:30am -  10:45am

Lunch                              12:15pm -   1:15pm

Afternoon session     1:15pm  -  3:15pm

Children should arrive no earlier than 8.35 am as there is no supervision prior to this time. Children can register in their classroom from 8.45am. Registers close at 8.55 am. If your child is late, please ensure they are brought in via the office so they are registered.

Parents are reminded not to book family holidays, long weekends away or treat days during term time as we will not authorise absence for these under any circumstance.  We will only ever authorise absence for a funeral or an educational activity, e.g. participating in a sporting event, performance, taking music or dance exams, or other exceptional circumstances. If you have a planned absence from school please complete an absence request form, available from the office.

*If you hold a blue badge please present this at the school office so that we can register it.

Regular school attendance is vital.

Without it the efforts of the school staff and the individual pupil come to nothing. Irregular attendance undermines the educational process. This leads to underachievement, a lack of purpose in a child’s life; it can place children at risk and in extreme cases can result in pupils being drawn into patterns of anti social or criminal behaviour.

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