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Oakfield Junior

Oakfield Junior

Celebration Assembly

All pupils attend a celebration assembly on Friday to share and celebrate pupil achievements.

Below are details of the pupils who were celebrated this week.

Week ending: 24th June 2022

5C Stars of the Week

Courage, Confidence, Curiosity, Co-operation, Caring.

Well done to the pupils who have impressed their peers with how well they have demonstrated our values this week. 

Class Pupil comments

Zamira K

Zamira was so kind and helpful to her partner this week. She always displays all of our 5C values. 
3C Anya L Anya has been a pleasure to teach this week, always trying her best and doing good work. She frequently entertains 3C with her super stories she loves to write. Well done. 
4BK  Alicia T Alicia has had a fantastic week! She has been putting up her hand in class discussions. She made a super poster in Geography all about solar and wind energy. 
4T Lauren F It has been a positive week for Lauren, especially during PSHE with her thoughtful comments. 
5H Lily M I have seen Lily voluntarily support her peers in several lessons this week. Such great caring and a brilliant friend. 

Beau B

Another good week for Beau. He is always keen and ready to learn, putting 100% effort into all tasks. Well done. 

George S

George radiates positivity - he always has a huge smile on his face. He showed such great energy in the dance rehearsal. 


Joe C Joe is this weeks star for his understanding, accuracy and enthusiasm while working on the Theme Park Maths tasks. 

Owen P

Owen has coped amazingly with a busy week and welcoming our new Y3 pupils. He has used his strategies to keep calm and carry on!


Harry C Harry played so well with Ethan, taking turns at basketball. 


May Superstars


Class Pupil comments
3J Miss Jones Grace B Grace displays all of our 5C values every day. She is such a hard worker and a fantastic member of 3J. 
3C Mrs Collins Maddie C Thank you Maddie for always being such a caring, helpful and hard working member of 3C. Such a star!

India B


India has been brilliant this month! She has improved her handwriting and worked hard in all lessons. She also represented the school in District Sports. 
4T James S James is an 'always' child who follows the 5Cs in all aspects of school life. 
5H Albie M Albie has a wealth of knowledge on many topics, he is a great worker all the time and respectful to everyone
5MG Georgina H Georgina is quietly conscientious. She always displays our 5Cs and works hard. 
6CK Jess H Jess is simply super! She is always doing the right thing in class and is such a lovely friend!
6M Tamara K Tamara continues to show enthusiasm and determination to do her best even now SATs are finished. Keep it up!
LAN Bella G We could choose Bella every week! She is a good friend, so involved in every aspect of school and a great help to the teachers in the mornings. 

Doodle Maths 


Well done this week to 5H and 6CK who were our top doodle class with 52% on target in the green zone

Congratulations to this week's top doodlers from each class.

Class Pupil

3CJ Miss Jones

Toby K

3E Mrs Collins

Ralph A

4BK Simon K
4T Arthur M
5H Ben E
5MG Sasha C
6CK Emily H
6M Harry T
LAN Bella G

Jigsaw Award

Well done to the following pupils who demonstrated the skill of

'Express how we feel when change happens ' 

Class Pupils
3J Miss Jones Libby, Aureliya, Elizabeth
3C Mrs Collins Eva, Noemi, Zachary, Michael
4BK Stilian, Freya, Harry
4T Isaac, Sophia C, Lauren
5MG Evelyn, ChloeW, Mason
5H Bella G, Sasha, Taylor
6M Lyssia, Josie, Edward, Martha, Joe
6CK Chloe W, Maggie, Izzy, Lily, Zac, Tom J


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