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Oakfield Junior

Oakfield Junior

Development Priorities 

 Strategic Intent

The strategic intent of Oakfield Junior School have been grouped under these priorities and are:

Priority 1: To further improve effectiveness of Leadership and Management

  • To recruit, develop, value and retain outstanding staff and governors who work well collaboratively taking responsibility for the learning of all pupils.

Priority 2: To further improve the Quality of Education

  • To embrace creativity, technology and innovation and equip children with the skills necessary for success in a changing world;
  • To provide a rich, broad and stimulating curriculum that promotes healthy bodies and minds.

Priority 3: To further improve the Personal Development, Attitude and Behaviour of pupils

  • To provide a safe and inclusive learning environment;
  • To provide a curriculum which values individuals, inspires a love of learning, love of life and which contributes well to pupils’ personal development, behaviour and attitude.

Priority 4: To further improve the Outcomes for all our pupils

  • To ensure all pupils achieve outstanding outcomes through high expectations and aspirations.

Priority 5: To further improve the environment and resources

  • To ensure financial sustainability for the school;
  • To develop areas and resources in order to ensure a stimulating and engaging learning experience.  

Priority 6: To further develop our partnerships with the Wider Community

  • To create an outfacing school which works well with all stakeholders: learners, parents, staff, governors and the community in a climate of mutual challenge; share best practice and secure excellent achievements for all pupils; 
  • To celebrate all stakeholders spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Learners Intent  

During our pupils learning journey at Oakfield our aim is for them to individually grow from ‘small acorns to mighty oaks’ and learn how …


  • To be creative individuals who make the most of all opportunities and experiences inside and outside the classroom and ask questions to deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills resulting in positive progress


  • To be resilient, healthy and confident individuals in body and mind


  • To be proud of their achievements and those of others and learn and play collaboratively


  • To be responsible and respectful individuals who contribute positively to our inclusive community and know how to keep themselves and others safe


  • To have a growth mindset and love the challenge of learning


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