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Oakfield Junior

Oakfield Junior

School Council

School Council

School Council gives the children an opportunity to have their voices heard and feel part of the school community. To be a council member, you need to have certain skills such as being a good-listener, being unprejudiced and being a good role model. These qualities help us to achieve realistic goals. The representatives should feedback to their classmates about what has been discussed and may need to ask their class for opinions and ideas for the different decisions and plans that are in the making.

The School Council members meet regularly to discuss various issues. Please add suggestions to the School Council Box so that so that we can have some great discussions that may lead to some fantastic results. 

The School Councillors have been elected this term and remain a key part of our pupil body. They are a focused and active group of pupils who are very keen to share ideas and suggest further improvements. School Council met at the beginning of the year to share ideas for the School Development Plan. The children came up with some fantastic suggestions on how we can make Oakfield an even better school. School Council have also been involved in two charity projects this term and have worked hard under the leadership of Mrs Etty to raise money for Children in Need through a Pudsey Cake Competition and Sale they managed to raise an amazing amount of £226.


The children also managed to raise £200 for Save The Children from Christmas Jumper Day. The children enjoyed attending school wearing different socks as part of our work on the theme ‘Equal but Different’.  Four school council members accompanied joined other council members at the termly KS2 ELP meeting at the Howard. The children discussed lunchtimes and were very surprised to learn that not all schools within the ELP offer the same amount of support and activities/clubs we do at Oakfield. Next School Council will be evaluating our current pupil questionnaire and suggesting changes which could be made before these are carried out later in the year.

Our school council members for Autumn 2023 are: 

Year 3: Maxwell, Tallulah, Rowan and Amelia

Year 4: Jake, Alice, Finley and Ruben

Year 5: Sophie, Toby, Sam and Charlotte

Year 6: Freya, Sam, Daniel and Isla

LAN: Maisy and James


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